100 Simple and Fun conversation Exchange Topics Bilingua

100 Simple and Fun Conversation Exchange Topics

Starting a conversation with a total stranger can be a debilitating experience. It’s common especially when you want to strike a conversation with a new person. Often, in language exchange, we get stuck with asking the right questions to keep a conversation going. Bet a question that has run in anyone’s mind is: how do I even begin? Having a guide on conversation exchange topics can be a great help in situations like these!

But that’s alright, it happens to anyone.

Generally, there are three important aspects to start great conversation:

1. Ask questions

2. Give answers, and

3. Understand responses

To begin conversing with the right conversation exchange topics at right time, you can try the following steps-

  1. Use light and situational conversational exchange topics in the beginning. For example, you can ask about a place you want to visit.
  2. Your language partner might also be a beginner, so give him/her sometime to come up with good answer.
  3. After your conversation, analyse the responses and better write them. This way you can have an impression of the conversation in your memory.
  4. Be patient as the initial learning and setting the tone with your language partner may take time.
  5. Once the both of you become acquainted with each other, you can indulge in serious topics of mutual interests.

Here’s a list of our favourite conversation exchange topics:

Getting acquainted with your language partner

  1. Where do you live?
  2. How long have you been in Mumbai (Or the city where your language partner lives)?
  3. Are you familiar with Spanish (Or the language you speak/ your native language)?
  4. Are you a student? (People feel good when you estimate their age lesser than they actually are. :P)
  5. Where do you study/work?
  6. How far is your place with mine?
  7. Tell me about your family.
  8. My city is a beautiful place. Plan your vacation sometime here.
  9. Do you have any other language partner?
  10. How long have you been using this app?

Hobbies and interests

  1. Do you like to Travel?
  2. What is your favorite hobby?
  3. Do you watch English movies?
  4. Who is your favorite star?
  5. Do you like music and do you play any instrument?
  6. I am a huge fan of Ronaldo. Are you into sports?
  7. Which is your favourite movie?
  8. Are you into politics?
  9. Do you like cooking or baking?
  10. Which is the last book you read?


  1. What do you prefer- nature or monuments?
  2. What is your dream destination?
  3. I am a wandering monk. I can travel anywhere, anytime. What about you?
  4. I am not much of a traveller. I usually step out when I need to.
  5. Do you like travelling?
  6. Do you like mountains?
  7. Are you into adventure sports?
  8. Where was the last place you travelled?
  9. Do you travel to your grandparents?
  10. Do you travel to eat?


  1. Where do you work?
  2. How was your day?
  3. Are you also annoyed with your boss, like I am?
  4. How long have you been working?
  5. Is there a dress code in your office?
  6. Do you have weekends off?
  7. What is your working hour?
  8. Is this your first job?
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. What do you work?

Describing your country in your initial conversations

  1. I live in India, where do you live?
  2. How cold is the winter in your country?
  3. Are you born in Jakarta (Or your language partner’s city/country)?
  4. What is your favourite place in your country?
  5. Have you ever been to India (Or your own country)?
  6. Summers are beautiful in my country.
  7. Have you travelled abroad?
  8. What is the best thing about your country?
  9. Is your country expansive?
  10. What is the one thing you do not like about your country?

“What’s your” questions

  1. What’s your favourite sport?
  2. What’s your favorite holiday spot?
  3. What’s your dream holiday destination?
  4. What’s your pet’s name?
  5. What’s your nickname?
  6. What’s your favourite food?
  7. What’s your favourite season?
  8. What’s your best friend’s name?
  9. What’s your way to pass time?
  10. What’s your facebook id? Can we be friends on facebook?

“Have you ever” questions

  1. Have you ever received a terrible gift?
  2. Have you ever seen a camel?
  3. Have you ever been to London?
  4. Have you ever sniffed like a dog?
  5. Have you ever played UNO?
  6. Have you ever fought with a bully?
  7. Have you ever embarrassed yourself?
  8. Have you ever been to a nightclub?
  9. Have you ever travelled solo?
  10. Have you ever been on a trek?

Conversations on habits

  1. Do you have a habit of biting nails?
  2. At what time do you get up?
  3. At what time do you sleep?
  4. What is the one habit you wish to change?
  5. Are you a night person?
  6. What do you don’t like in girls/boys?
  7. Is sleeping late a bad habit?
  8. What is your food habit?
  9. Is it ok to drink water in between meals?
  10. What is the most common habit of the people of Australia (Or the place where your language partner lives)?

Health and environment

  1. Has your country banned plastic?
  2. Do you use plastic bags or cloth bags for grocery shopping?
  3. Do you have plants in your home?
  4. What do you think of the environmental policies imposed in your country?
  5. What are the seasons there (Or your partner’s country’s name)?
  6. Do you recycle?
  7. How are the medical facilities in your country?
  8. What do you do when you have a cold?
  9. Do you like flowers?
  10. What do you think of global warming?

Politics and world issues

  1. What do you think of the current political situation in Canada?
  2. Who is your favourite political leader?
  3. What if Earth collided with Venus?
  4. What do you think of Trump’s political policies?
  5. Do you think automation can change the way the world is functioning?
  6. What if we have only one country and no different languages?
  7. What is one thing you would change if you became the president?
  8. Which country would you want to live in forever?
  9. Why do you like politics?
  10. What change do you want to bring in the world?

So, what are your conversation exchange topics?


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