6 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Your Career Growth

6 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Career Growth

Are you thinking of learning a foreign language?

There is always a demand for people who can help bridge the communication gap between two or more cultures, more so today than ever before. The opportunity and resources to learn a foreign language are much more easily available today than in the past. There are quite a few foreign language courses online that make the process of learning to speak another language accessible to everyone and flexible enough to fit into your busy lifestyle.

1. Learning a Foreign Language to Create Job Opportunities

Being fluent in two or more languages gives you an edge over monolingual candidates in job interviews. These opportunities exist in all companies and departments which range from marketing to tourism. It is hardly surprising that a lot of corporations require employees who are bilingual or multilingual.

The world is becoming global and the demand for professionals who can communicate bilingually or multi-lingually is growing. According to the U.S. Department of Labor estimates, there will be a 42% rise in demand for interpreters and translators over the next decade.

2. Gives You an Edge in Interviews

Your ability to speak a foreign language will help you land a job and get preference over other monolingual candidates. Knowing a second language boosts your chances of landing jobs amongst a group of other candidates with similar abilities.

A British Chambers of Commerce study conducted in 2013 discovered that more than 60% of companies are limited by language barriers in foreign trade.

6 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for your Career Growth

3. Command Higher Salaries

Employees who learn a foreign language command a higher salary. A recruitment agency recently stated that knowing a foreign language can add between 10-15% to your salary.

United States military personnel also receive higher wages for knowing a foreign language, roughly $1000 extra every month.

4. Career Growth Opportunities

Being able to speak a foreign language does not limit you in going abroad to do business provided that you know the language of the country you are heading to well. Small companies need multilingual employees who can help them explore new business opportunities in foreign countries.

You don’t really need to be fluent in a language and sometimes simply being proficient is enough as corporations want to hire translators to take care of their foreign communications but they still require experienced managers and representatives to meet and greet their clients in their own language and operate as the face of the company in foreign markets.

Benefits of learning a foreign language for career growth

5.Relationship Building

Having the ability to speak a second or third language transcends spoken dialogue and allows you to relate to different cultural groups in a personal manner. Speaking to anyone in their own language breaks down barriers and allows them to feel more comfortable and confident.

This type of relationship is necessary for any business setting. Knowing your client’s native language will elevate their professional and business relationship which can lead to better business results. However, unless we are in an environment with multiple languages, it gets difficult to practice a foreign language. Therefore, language exchange apps, like Bilingua allows anyone to grasp and understand a new language through conversation with a native speaker from your phone.

6.Appeal to Global Companies

International companies tend to widen their reach across the globe by hiring candidates who can blend in seamlessly with other cultures and fill the communication gap between them and their clients. Through learning a foreign language, the fluency will give you the opportunity to become a global employee.

Don’t forget that learning a foreign language like French or German is a fun and enjoyable experience. It might be tough initially but will only get better with practice as you can even opt to learn French online from the comfort of your home.


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