Best Mobile Apps to Learn Vietnamese for Beginners

Best Mobile Apps to Learn Vietnamese for Beginners

With 69 million native speakers, Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam and beyond that, it’s a widely spoken language in South East Asia even despite the fact that Vietnam is a relatively small country in itself. Many have taken an interest to learn Vietnamese for beginners as it’s the most spoken language in the austro-asiatic group of languages.

A significant amount of speakers resides in Laos and Cambodia. It is the sixth biggest language in the US and an officially recognised minority language in the Czech Republic. Interestingly, despite many historical shifts in how the Vietnamese language is formed, the Vietnamese alphabet used today features Latin-based characters. This is due to a colonial Portuguese influence in the 16th century, where missionaries wrote the Bible in the native language after adapting the Vietnamese language into a Latin script.

Vietnamese involves dynamic tones, a script that may have similarities for some language speakers and a diverse set of native speakers that span its beautiful country and beyond. Here’s a list of great and helpful apps to learn Vietnamese for beginners.

Mobile apps to learn Vietnamese for beginners.



Bilingua Learn Vietnamese

Bilingua has taken a new approach to language learning that is both fun and effective. Using the language exchange concept, Bilingua matches aspiring language learners with like-minded native speakers so they can exchange language with each other. The apps aims to provide learning support through conversation, quizzes and learning tasks.

Bilingua looks exciting for the year ahead with lots of new features coming to the app. Moreover, users who wish to learn Vietnamese or improve their existing Vietnamese can contact other users through the Bilingua system. It’s a great app for learning Vietnamese.

The app puts learners in contact with native speakers. This allows them to communicate with each other organically – something which other apps don’t offer. Bilingua also guides users through a learning process using a language coach/bot named Shiro. Shiro helps users with activities and games to further enhance their learning.



Duolingo learn Vietnamese for beginners

With a massive user base of 110 million users, Duolingo is a traditionally oriented language learning app. The app focuses on speaking, listening, quizzing, games and translation. Through these varied methods, users report fast learning that caters to learners of different types. Using bitesize learning exercises, Duolingo is easy to get started with too. Also, it illustrates your progress into streaks and when you make a mistake it costs you a life (app-wise).

The apps features an extensive collection of languages any user can choose from. It also features Vietnamese content streamlined into bite sized exercises where it guides users through a learning process that trains multiple disciplines of language learning.

Learn Vietnamese Free – Phrasebook | Translator


Learn Vietnamese Free

So here’s an app designed specifically for Vietnamese. It’s a quality app too, despite how limited it is to Vietnamese alone. Using traditional flash-cards and multiple choice questions, this app also features a Vietnamese speaking parrot which guides users in a fun and interactive way. Definitely a handy app for learning Vietnamese! This app has a good amount of reviews online.

It’s streamlined for Vietnamese and therefore you can expect some tailored content for the language. Focusing on teaching vocab and phrases, the app help users recognise frequently spoken and useful phrases in Vietnamese.

Learn Vietnamese Pronunciation


Learn Vietnamese Pronounciation

This simple app uses audio clips to help you pronounce words in phrases in Vietnamese. The app’s traditional and simple, featuring images, spellings and audio clips. It’s pretty finite in what it can teach you but it’s straightforward and easy to get along with.

This app focuses on vocab and its pronounciation. It shows pictures of animals, objects or other things alongside their Vietnamese spelling and an audio clip illustrating correct pronunciation. Uses a simple method of teach vocab through sound and image.

Simply Learn Vietnamese


Simply Learn Vietnamese

This is an app which has a few different features to learn Vietnamese for beginners. Firstly, it gives vocab alongside high-quality audio clips which help users recite the proper pronunciation of useful phrases. Second, you can use the bite size flash-card system to help you remember the phrases and third, you can take quizzes to revise and test your knowledge. In addition to these core features, one can use this app to recite useful phrases in Vietnamese, for example, if you need a taxi to a specific location then you can search the app for this info and let it speak it out loud to your taxi driver. This is a pretty unique app for learning Vietnamese.

It’s got a few features but most innovative of all it’s ‘Survive Vietnam’ feature which is greatly helps travelers communicate with Vietnamese people.

Also, the app uses a mixture of modern and traditional learning methods to teach vocab and phrases.

Speak Vietnamese


Speak Vietnamese


This is another simple app designed with words and phrases in mind. You can search for common and useful phrases, listen and read them and then say them back, comparing your pronunciation to that of native speakers. The app contains over 1000 phrases and they’re all easily accessible.

Furthermore, its extensive list of vocab and ability to record your pronunciation so it can be compared to audio-clips in the app makes it easy to learn Vietnamese for beginners. The app features basic words and phrases to make speaking basic Vietnamese easier.



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