Ordering Food in Spanish – How Not to Starve! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ordering Food in Spanish – How Not to Starve! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever been in a restaurant and asking for food seemed impossible? When your stomach asks for food and your first language is not understood, you have to learn how not to starve! Well, this infographic on a few ways you can communicate at a restaurant in Spanish can help you with that. It shows you sentences that can be useful (or save your life) and should be a great start on your language learning process. Make sure to check out the Bilingua app to connect with people and practice the world of languages.

Ordering Food in Spanish Infographic

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Ordering Food in Spanish Infographic Part 2

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¿Puedo ver el menú, por favor?

Can I see the menu please?

Como plato principal quiero…

For the main course, I would like…

Para beber, quiero…

To drink, I would like…

Necesitamos más tiempo para decidir.

We need a little more time to decide.

Estamos listos para pedir.

We are ready to order.

¿Qué nos recomienda?

What do you recommend?

¿Puede darme un poco de…?

Can you bring me some…?

Quisiera un plato que lleve  carne / pescado…

I want a dish containing meat / fish?…

¿Tiene opciones sin gluten?

Do you have gluten-free options?

Tengo alergia a las nueces.

I have a nut allergy.

¿Puede indicarme sus platos para vegetarianos / veganos?

Can you indicate which dishes are fit for vegetarians and vegans?

Esto no es lo que he pedido.

This is not what I ordered.

La cuenta, por favor.

The bill please.

¿La propina está incluida?

Is service included?

Nos gustaría pagar juntos / por separado.

We’d like to pay together / separately.

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