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Language learning that’s efficient, effective and authentic

Connect with native speakers around the world for language exchange, practice speaking and monitor your progress while having fun!

Bilingua App

Learn More About Bilingua

Bilingua language exchange app
The whole world to talk to via chat or video
Recommendations on conversation topics and phrases
Guidance from our mascot, Shiro
Play in-app games, earn points, get rewards
Schedule 1-on-1 lessons from pro teachers
Practice the Native Tongue

Find your Best Language Partner

With Bilingua’s matching algorithm, you get to connect with the best language partners suited for you. Practise with native speakers from different countries to learn efficiently and effectively.

Track Your Progress

Get Full Guidance

Be on top of language learning. On Bilingua, you get access to topic recommendations, learning tips and 1-on-1 tutors — soon! You can even revise your vocabulary list with Shiro (our chat bot and mascot).

Win Badges

Level-Up and Earn Badges!

Play games with your conversation partners or take quizzes to test your language skills. Keep the learning going as you track your progress, earn points and get rewards.

Shiro - your language learning companion

Bilingua makes learning fun, accessible and effective.

Your companion in learning.

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Can talk with foreigners who share same hobbies. I recommend this app!!

So great app!!! I've downloaded thid app only few mins ago but I already can tell that's the best language exchange app I've ever tried~ Super design, very kind people

—Maja Kukulska

You can train with other people and other languages

очень классное и удобное приложение, очень хорлшо подходит людям, которые знают несколько иностранных языков. Ну и конечно это новые знакомства. Приложение супер, жду полную версию

very cool and convenient application, very good for people who know several foreign languages. And of course it's new acquaintances. The app is super, I'm waiting for the full version

—Alex Kubayenko

Its a very good app.

Very good idea of an app People can learn from each other and their interests being mutual can make learning progress faster and better

—KingDanny Moses

The idea behind this app is great

There are millions of people like me out there who are desperate to improve English language proficiency in speaking.

—Jishnu K.K

...without doubt one of the best app I've tested

Es una buena app para aprender a hablar otros idiomas

It is a good app to learn to speak other languages

—Matias Mejias

Find a Language Exchange Partner & Start Chatting!

Bilingua connects you with native speakers who share your interests or personality to help you learn a foreign language online and speak with confidence. Learn and practise English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese and more languages with Bilingua – it’s fun, free and effective.

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