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Learning languages online can be tricky and often, frustrating. How many times has it happened that when you tried to learn a foreign language online through a language blog, you have ended up learning nothing and only being irked? More often than not, several language learning blogs tend to confuse a user than helping him learn the nuances of a languages. But, no more. Following are the 10 best language learning blogs that will make you pick up on a language like a pro.

The 10 best language learning blogs:

  1. I Will Teach You A Language

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Managed by Olly Richards, this blog is usually a favourite for online language learners. Richards speaks eight languages fluently and works as a language educator.

Richards believes that the key to learning languages is to have the right mindset. He emphasises on what to focus on, how to study and how to utilise the limited time wisely.  He also promises to reveal the techniques he used to learn eight languages and teaches the user how they can use those techniques to learn foreign languages.

  1. The Polyglot Dream

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Luca Lampariello runs and manages this language learning blog. As a prolific YouTuber, he believes that thought learning a language is strenuous, it is all about passion and there is no short-cut.

Lampariello has been studying languages for the last twenty years and is fluent in ten languages. His blogs focus on the solid language core: the ability to put sounds and words together. His videos teach the users the way to learn a language and eventually help them develop a solid language core.


  1. Eurolinguiste

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Shannon Kennedy speaks nine languages and her blog has useful content for the language learners. Shannon began to learn languages while studying in Northern Ireland and since then has been writing the blog. Her blog describes her personal methodologies, tools and tips about tackling a foreign language.


  1. Fluent in 3 months

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One of the most popular language learning blogs run by Benny Lewis. Author of the “Language Hacking Series”, Lewis speaks eight languages currently. He started to write his blog while travelling to different countries and focuses on short-term learning missions. He believes that by using his methodology, three months is an ample time to pick up on a foreign language.


  1. Omniglot Blog

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Simon Ager speaks six languages fluently and manages this blog which has almost all spoken languages in the list. The blog is more useful for linguists than language learners, but there is some helpful content for the language learner as well. Ager’s mystery language recordings are fun and helpful. Omniglot stands for Online Encyclopedia of Writing Systems and Languages.


  1. Speaking Fluently

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Richard Simcott is fluent in sixteen languages, is the European Ambassador for Multilingualism and the founder of the Polyglot Conference.

His language learning blog talks about language learning from a range of abilities, learning rates and personality types. Simcott believes that the approach of “one style fits all” does not apply when it comes to learning languages. His YouTube video shows languages at various stages of learning with a hope to encourage people to learn foreign languages.


  1. Lindsay Does Languages

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Lindsay started her blog in 2012 after enrolling in Spanish classes. Since then, her blog and videos have helped hundreds of online language learners and online language tutors. Her work is widely appreciated and she is one of the most awarded language bloggers. Her aim is to inspire others to teach themselves languages.


  1. Speaking Latino

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Jared Romey’s blog is one of the better blogs for Spanish learners. His teaching style includes songs, posters, country comparisons and learning about various dialects of Spanish. Romey’s blog focuses on learning the language using fun ways and on accelerating the understanding of real world Spanish.


  1. Mandarin HQ

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Angel Huang through her blog Mandarin HQ aims to lessen the gap between textbook Chinese and real world Chinese. Real world Chinese includes slang, various accents, fast speech, real people and their opinions, filler words and hesitations. Her blog teaches the actual Mandarin that people use to communicate and make friends with in Chinese.


  1. Learn Arabic With Maha

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Maha Yakoub is a native Arabic speaker who teaches Arabic, Italian and Hebrew through her YouTube channel. The videos are for beginners and amateurs and may not be useful for advanced learners.
Similar to  Benny Lewis’ belief about a language, languages aren’t learnt in a day. They require constant effort, practise and dedication. However, with the help of the best language learning blogs, you will be equipped with the right techniques and resources to learn languages online easily.


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