10 Language Learning Podcasts You Should Listen To

10 Language Learning Podcasts You Should Listen To

In the era of visual content, we didn’t assume podcasts would become so popular. Well, voice still has power. When it comes to learning languages, in particular, language learning podcasts can be the most important instruction element.

Just think about it: you’re in public transport and it’s too noisy for you to read a book. Scrolling down the Twitter feed is a waste of time. Listening to a podcast that helps you learn a language? Perfect!

Catherine Downey, a tutor from BestEssays, explains: “When listening to language learning podcasts, you’re not investing huge efforts to learn. You’re just listening and creating impressions. You get an idea of proper pronunciation. You learn new words and phrases, which you can note down. Plus, these are not your traditional language lessons. Podcasts are engaging and fun. That’s why they work.”

10 language learning podcasts you should listen to

The only question is: where do you find language learning podcasts?

We’ll help you with that. We’ll list 10 of the most popular ones, so you can make your choice.

1. The English We Speak

This is BBC’s advance-level podcast for English language learners. BBC has a long and successful history of providing English language learning resources. With this podcast, you can focus on building idioms and expressions. When you know your grammar and you developed a relatively strong vocabulary, that’s the aspect you should focus on.

The podcast will give you a light conversation that involves one popular idiom. You’ll get new conversations to listen to each week.
You’re not that advanced to start learning idioms and expressions? Let’s find other English language podcasts, shall we?

2. 6 Minute English

It’s another one of BBC’s podcasts. This one is more of an intermediate level. You get 6-minute episodes of daily situations that expose you to English language. The topics are really cool. What can’t computers do? The wonders of hair. In addition to learning English, you’ll gain some general knowledge, too.

3. LearnEnglish

If you want an English language learning podcast for beginners, this is the one. The vocabulary is simple and you’ll get free support material. The best method for learning is to download the transcript of an episode and read it as you listen to the podcast.

4. DW Podcasts

You’re learning German? If you want to limit yourself to one podcast for that language, this should be it. You’ll find interviews, reporter stories, sports news, fitness tips… practically anything. Just choose a topic you feel like listening today and start exploring the resources. In addition to German language hints, you’ll be gaining some extra knowledge, too.

5. Radiolingua

You can choose to learn different languages during your coffee break. Radiolingua offers podcasts and other learning materials in German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and French. The relaxed vibe of the podcasts will help you learn with no stress involved.

6. Learn Japanese from Zero

With this podcast, you’ll get bite-size lessons of vocabulary, grammar, and culture. It’s the ideal material for beginner and intermediate learners of Japanese. This language has tricky grammar, which is not easy to understand through textbooks. Let’s be honest: it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn. These lessons will clear things up.

7. Mandarin Chinese Lessons

If you’re determined to learn Mandarin Chinese, this is the perfect podcast for you. You’ll get easy-to-follow audio lessons through an iOS app. That makes them even more convenient. The dialogues are practical, so you’ll learn words and phrases you’ll actually use in conversations.

8. News in Slow

When you’re trying to learn a language, the tutors usually recommend you to listen to the news. Why is that important? The news is presented in clear, grammatically-correct language. The presenters do not use slang or overly intellectual language. They use words everyone can understand. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to keep track with them.

With this podcast, available in French, Spanish, Italian and German, you’ll listen to current news in slower presentations.

9. Survival Phrases

At this website, you’ll find a collection of travel phrases in 27 languages, including Hebrew, Greek, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and many others. If you’re learning a language because you want to travel to a specific country, then you’ll definitely find these language learning podcasts helpful.


10 language learning podcasts you should listen to
Source: www.itchyfeet.com


10.The Actual Fluency Podcast

This is a podcast that features great guests. It’s not focused on grammar and vocabulary. It’s all about getting you motivated to learn the language. You’ll get talks on how an engineer learns languages, how visually impaired learners can improve their results, how children can get better at learning foreign languages, how you can learn a language even when you have a full-time job…

The Actual Fluency Podcast will give you the daily motivation you need to carry on learning.

Language Learning Is a Mission

Now that you’ve got your tools, you need a proper execution strategy. You may refer to guides on mastering a new language quickly, take online lessons or classroom-based courses. However, you can’t expect the tutors to take care of every single aspect of your learning process. Your extra efforts will make a true difference in remembering what you learned effectively.

Language learning podcasts will make a difference. The best part is that they don’t take much of your time. Spend a few minutes a day listening to the language of your choice, cant you? Did you pick your favourite one from the list above? Start listening today!

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